Most Canadian employees are ready to quit their jobs, survey finds

Unemployment rates in Canada are dropping and a Ceridian survey finds that 37% of employees are actively or casually looking for a new job, while 36% would consider a job if recruited externally (as reported by CBC).

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Guide to Ontario Employment Standards Act

Tomorrow, Jan 1, is the effective date for many of the recent changes to Ontario’s Employment legislation. This guide will answer many of your questions. Please see my previous posts for a summary of which items were changed Happy New Year to all my connections and wishing you the best of success in 2019! Ontario […]

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No Liability Negative Employment References

For many years, I’ve heard Ontario companies say that they do not provide references, out of concern for exposure to liability for those situations where the employment relationship did not end on a positive note. In this case, the courts found there was no liability for providing a candid reference that honestly reflected performance of […]

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Back To 2017 New Ontario Government Revokes Pre Election Employment Law Changes

Ontario Employers, take note! Last week, the new provincial government passed Bill 47 which repealed much of the legislation introduced by the previous government in January 2018. I haven’t seen a press release yet, but am forwarding this article forwarded by a trusted law firm. In addition, the article discusses the postponement of implementation of […]

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Growth 500 CEOS Share Damn Good Advice

Friday food for thought! My personal favourite – Nancy Klensch “when you’re the boss, what you say is heard through a megaphone and what you do is seen under a microscope”. As a leader of people, your words and actions are always subject to great scrutiny, so be thoughtful about what you do and say. […]

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