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You’re a smart and strategic leader. Practical and forward-thinking, you know the value of attracting and retaining the right people. You understand that workforce strategies are important to your business success.  Whether addressing an immediate gap or creating a long-term plan, consider Red Oak™ your Human Resources partner, working together with you to create solutions tailored for your unique needs.  Red Oak™ offers a flexible and practical range of human resources services and solutions, customized to your business needs.

Reasons You Need To Call Red Oak™

I want to spend less time dealing with people problems

I must keep my top performers engaged

My team’s productivity could be better

Am I compliant with latest legislation?

Help my new manager succeed!

My HR Rep needs guidance

Can I save a struggling employee?

It’s hard to find good people!

Staffing activities and issues can cost you time and money without expert advice. Here are just some of the ways Red Oak™ can ensure your HR activities are effective, efficient and aligned to your business goals.

Stretched to the Limit and Need More Help?

Determine appropriate staffing levels during transitions

  • Ensure Staff are added only when needed
  • Re-deploy staff to meet business needs

Hire the Best People for the Job

  • Train on Interview Techniques to reduce time spent recruiting and improve retention
  • Identify “illegal” or unfair interview questions

Protect your business with an updated Offer of Employment

  • Employee clearly understands terms of employment
  • Consistent terms of employment for all employees

Create a positive orientation experience and training programs

  • Employees are up to speed more quickly
  • Employees complete routine tasks consistently
  • Able to measure performance more effectively
Coaching and Managing Employees

Establish Performance Goals

  • Employees are clearly aware of the expectations of the role
  • Managers are able to recognize exceptional performance, above and below average

Manage Performance

  • Managers feel confident to regularly discuss performance against goals with employees
  • Employees are aware if they are not meeting expectations
Ready to Make a Change

Assess candidates suitability for promotion

  • Promote employees who are likely to succeed in new role

Create an effective termination program

  • Reduce high-risk behavior during termination process
  • Reduce risk of Ministry of Labour and Human Rights complaints following termination


  • Outsourced HR support
  • Interim solutions
  • Managing challenging employees
  • Recruitment
  • HR strategy development

Build HR

  • Assessment of current state and gap mitigation
  • HR compliance assessment
  • Policy creation and updating
  • Employee handbook development
  • Health and Safety programs

Professional Development

  • Management best practices
  • Management coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Guiding on-site HR

Workshops and Facilitation

  • Lead workshops
  • Facilitate group sessions
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