About Red Oak HR™

We are Red Oak™. We are creative, innovative Human Resources experts providing goal-oriented strategies and solutions that save time and money and help grow your business.

The Red Oak™ consulting team is led by Karen Pantaleo, a passionate and proven HR professional who is highly regarded by both clients and industry, her reputation earned during her career in insurance, financial services and life sciences. An active HR Association local chapter Mentor and CHRP Exams Committee Volunteer, Karen is recognized for her 25 years of experience and her commitment to providing meaningful, ethical and practical advice and guidance. Karen is also very active in the Toastmasters organization and is nearing completion of her Distinguished Toastmaster designation. Her extensive client list includes organizations from medical device, biotech, commercial aviation, transportation, construction, aerospace, insurance and retail industries.

Reasons You Need To Call Red Oak™

I want to spend less time dealing with people problems
I must keep my top performers engaged
My team's productivity could be better
Am I compliant with latest legislation?
Help my new manager succeed!
My HR Rep needs guidance
Can I save a struggling employee?
It’s hard to find good people!

What our Clients Say

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