“Management” from a Youth Perspective

This week, I came across an old email to a colleague where I relayed a conversation with my then 10 year old. I was explaining to my daughter that I was going to be away for a couple of days on a business trip. She was trying to convince me not to go and leave Dad in charge, however, this interesting piece of dialogue came up:

10 yo: (with arms crossed) Why do you have to go to New Brunswick?
K: Some people there want me to help them. They want help to get their employees to enjoy their jobs more and get more work done
10 yo: Well, that’s easy, they need to make the work more fun.
K: Yes, you’re right
10 yo: And, they need to make a contract
K: What do you mean by “a contract” (now I’m curious what she has to say)
10 yo: (roll of eyes) They need to tell them what they have to do and make them sign it.
K: (intrigued) Is there anything else they need?
10 yo: Yes (sigh – this should have been a foregone conclusion) THEY HAVE TO PAY THEM ENOUGH!

It’s humbling when your life’s work is reduced to 3 statements by a 10 year old.

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